Changing the status quo through extraordinary innovation.




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We believe people should not have to think about security every time they  communicate with the world. Cyber security costs global business and government up to $1 trillion annually.   So-called experts have recently said that the challenge is unsolvable.

We showed them the XeroGate computer.  

Status quo changed.

Vir2us exists to bring about change for the better and to break through barriers that keep virtuous ideas from bringing about that change.  

Vir2us is bringing about change that frees people and companies to pursue their dreams of a better life and a better world. 

We’re committed to changing the status quo through extraordinary innovation. 

We’re committed to solving what the status quo often deems unsolvable.





The status quo said  that it was impossible to fix a computer in mere minutes.   They said you could not restore a computer to a day-one, pristine condition without a lengthy diagnosis. 

We showed them Genesis.  

Status quo changed.  

The status quo said that sensitive data from retired computer systems could not be reliably eliminated and they therefore had to be destroyed and put into landfills, harming the environment.

We showed them XeroData.  

Status quo changed.